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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Fount of Living Waters

The prophets searched for you, Lord.
You blessed St. Elijah and his brothers,
as they wandered in the mountains of Carmel,
long, long ago.

Now, I am searching for you, Lord,
in the garden of my Carmel,
you led me into this quiet garden,
you showed me not only beautiful flowers
but also a mountain to climb.

It is a very high mountain, Lord,
with rocks and thorns along the way.
Like the prophets of old,
I am searching for you there.
I am afraid.

I have to continue searching for you,
to climb one step at a time,
hoping to see you in this mountain.
It is so high, Lord, and I am so small.

Along the way, I stop and linger and rest.
I see this fountain and drink from it
The waters quench my thirst, and refresh me
like the summer rain.
I am alive again.

Jesus, my Lord,
You are the fount of living waters.
My strength fails me often and darkness frightens me,
but when I eat your bread and drink from your cup,
you breathe life into my body and soul.

I will always savor these waters, Lord,
along my climb on this mountain,
because I know that as you blessed the prophets of long ago,
you will also bless this wandering, faithful, and thirsty soul.

by Lydia G. Suasi, OCDS
June 30, 2007

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